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NSFL Weekly Roster Procedures 2017

NSFL Weekly Roster Procedures 2017



A player has to make weight within the first two weeks of the season to be eligible to play for the 2017 season. We have to rely on you and the coaches to let us know who made weight and who didn't. So, here is what we need:

Coaches must swap rosters at game day weigh-ins and it is your coaches responsibility to note on his opponent’s roster whether a player made weight, didn't make weight or wasn't there. When a player weighs-in your coaches must note on the roster (in the last column) a check mark if he made weight, and X if he didn't, or a dash (-) if he wasn't there. This roster must be given to you to bring to the next NSFL Meeting.

Other Weight-related Info (from our rules):

  1. WEIGHTS & AGES:                                                                     Weight                

                                PEANUTS             ages        5&6                        92 lbs                    

                                 PEE-WEE’S         ages        7&8                        112lbs                   

                                 MIDGETS            ages        9&10                      132 lbs                    

                                 PONIES                ages        11&12                   152lbs                                                    

 WEIGHTS FOR GAMES:  Players will wear pants, hip, thigh, knee and tail pads. The above weights include the 3 pounds for the pants and pant pads.  If a player does not wear a Jersey, they will show the opposing coach the jersey and number they will wear in the game.

ALL PLAYERS: All players must make the above weight by week 2 of the season or they will be ineligible to play in any age group in the season.

 COACHES /TOWN REPS RESPONSIBILITY: Every week, coaches are responsible to note (in the last column of the roster) whether an opposing player has made weight for that week or has not made weight, or did not attend the pre-game weigh-in. The opposing coach must initial his roster. These rosters (of the opposing team) must be given to the Town Rep each week, and the Town Rep is responsible for turning in all the rosters at the next scheduled NSFL meeting.

 GROWTH:  There will be no “growth” increases this year.

  1. 2. All players will be weighed before each game, teams must be ready at least one-half hour before the start of the game.  The HOME TEAM will weigh in first.
  2. If coaches do not weigh-in and exchange rosters or let an overweight child play in a game, both towns will automatically be fined $200 each.


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